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Volunteering Chocofrutas: Recycling Center

More than 1000 kilos of waste separated by our Volunteers! ♻✅Thanks to all who participated! Thanks to the Helpless Materials Recovery Center for receiving us and teaching us how to properly separate waste and for doing this important work. We learned that unfortunately a minimum percentage of SJO. separate your waste to send to recycle It’s time to change! Share this video and sign up for our next volunteers and remember to eat ChocoFrutas Mejor Best Chocolate!

New ChocoFrutas Volunteering!

✅New ChocoFrutas Volunteering! Cleaning, painting and maintenance of the Tapantí National Park🌱 This next Saturday, November 16 / Time and place of departure:
Plaza del Sol-6: 40 am / Cartago Cemetery- 7:15 am. If you want to participate send your full name and phone number to voluntariados@chocofrutas.com💚 (Limited assistance)